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Miguinti Mandala

Performer, Choreographer and Teacher

Centers his work on the search of new forms and scenic concepts,

combining Butoh Dance with Juggling technique and object manipulation.

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Miguinti Mandala  "Artchemist"

Nomadic performer, Choreographer and Teacher with more than twenty years of experience investigating the relationship of the Body and Matter in Space / Time.
Develops and creates a language and poetics through the Butoh Dance, Performance and Objects Manipulation.
He started in the world of Art at the age of 16 as a juggler, at 18 he worked at Spain Mura (Japan). His first contact with the Butoh Dance was in Barcelona in 2005 with Juschka Weigel.
Since then he has participated and collaborated with experimental artists from different countries and scenic languages ​​related to the new circus, dance, music and photography.
Teacher for five years in the Circus School "Rogelio Rivel" (Barcelona, ​​2005/10).
He has shown his performances and taught workshops in various countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, México, Peru, Dubai, Japan, South Korea and India.

He is a founding member of "La Sala de las Bestias" (Barcelona) and the Butohpia Collective.

He has been D_formed with highly recognized Masters in the Butoh scene as:
Yumiko Yoshioka, Yumi Fujitani, Karlotta Ikeda, Itto Morita, Akaji Maro, Ken Mai, Daisuke Yoshimoto, Imre Thormann y Juschka Weigel.

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Contact Ball Dance by Miguinti Mandala. Video by Narendra kumar
Pushkar, India 2020

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The main point is to explore the position of the Body in relation to the Utopia. Utopia in this context is presented as a guided process of overcoming the physical limitations of the Body, without ignoring the sociological aspect of this transformation/transgression. What is and what is not, is answered through new methods of understanding oneself by transforming the movement of Body-Mind and Soul.

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"Shooting Around The Body"

photo by Mario Patiño, México City.
photo by Velimir Todorovic. Pula, Croatia.
Photo by Anshad Guruvayoor  Rishikesh, India.
photo by Artem Golyakov. Goa, India.
photo by Manu Peralta. México City.
photo by Mario Patiño. Pachuca, México.
photo by Gillermo Arroyo, Selva de Oza.
photo by Mario Patiño. México City.
photo by Agustin Benitez Mir. Barcelona
photo by Maria, Mazunte México.
photo by Gillermo Arroyo, Selva de Oza.
photo by Mario Patiño.
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